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KyleePhx: come to az and we'll get an apt =]
KyleePhx: play him then!
Ant0logia: \o/ i'll ask rob
KyleePhx: jajaja ok
Ant0logia: maybe mocha will like that weather
KyleePhx: or we can meet halfway in kansas hahaha
Ant0logia: i dont think i could interact with her as scully
KyleePhx: hoisington \o/
Ant0logia: horseys \o/
KyleePhx: lmfao
Ant0logia: mocha can have a pony
KyleePhx: there aren't horses in kansas
KyleePhx: i never saw any
Ant0logia: oh
KyleePhx: lots of green hills
KyleePhx: farms
Ant0logia: tornados /o\
Ant0logia: bad
KyleePhx: oil pumps
KyleePhx: LMFAO
KyleePhx: that is the most retarded thing
Ant0logia: where do you live? oh i live in kansas
KyleePhx: /o\
Ant0logia: wow that makes me wince
KyleePhx: wtf is that
KyleePhx: someone doing a handstand
KyleePhx: hahahaha
Ant0logia: i dont know rob has been using it i think its someone putting their hands on their head
KyleePhx: oh
KyleePhx: yeah there's like a water tower in every city with the city's name on it
KyleePhx: those oil pump things that go up and down
Ant0logia: omg
KyleePhx: i forget what they're called
Ant0logia: those are scary
KyleePhx: haha
KyleePhx: no what's scary
Ant0logia: and other things that are scary
Ant0logia: are those windmills
KyleePhx: are those fuckin electricity gigantic fans in cali
Ant0logia: the white ones
Ant0logia: yeah
KyleePhx: lmfao i know!!!!!!
Ant0logia: those things!
KyleePhx: it was like all smoggy and they were going and they look all sharp like they're goign to murder you
Ant0logia: omg that gave me goosebumps just thinking of them
KyleePhx: and there's tons
Ant0logia: omg i know dees
Ant0logia: its like a horror movie
KyleePhx: yeah i know dude
Ant0logia: th at would be a good setting for one
Ant0logia: we should make one
Ant0logia: called
KyleePhx: i stopped looking out the window
Ant0logia: the electric fans
KyleePhx: 'as the windmill turns'
KyleePhx: lmfao
Ant0logia: lmgdao!
Ant0logia: wherever you go, there they are.
KyleePhx: lanie will get murdered first by the murderous cali electric fans
KyleePhx: hahahaa
Ant0logia: lmgdao
KyleePhx: it's like right by her
Ant0logia: creepy
KyleePhx: a few hours at most
Ant0logia: omg they will find her
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